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De La Salle

Model United Nations



Applications Open

Exploring the New Decade Through Digital Solutions and Social Action

Jan 24 - March 15 2022
Open to all HS and Undergraduate Students


The 8th DLS-MUN Secretariat

The Conference

De La Salle Model United Nations
est. 2014

De La Salle - Model United Nations (7th DLS-MUN), a conference based in De La Salle University Philippines, is the flagship event of the DLSMUN Central Committee and the De La Salle - Model United Nations Community (MUNCOM). It is the largest and most prestigious of its kind in the country and boasts dozens of partnerships from multiple nations. 


At DLS-MUN, delegates from various high schools and tertiary education institutions will represent UN Member States in selected UN bodies and shall convene to discuss complex global issues. Previously held in person, the pandemic has created an online opportunity for international discourse and an evolution of the diplomacy that DLSMUN is based upon.  Through its award winning and nationally recognized dais, delegates represent the best of their society and are given the chance to make their voice heard. 


Welcoming its eighth year, DLS-MUN aims to equip the conference participants with diplomatic skills, vision and passion that they will need to make real change in society along with a greater understanding of the procedures of the United Nations.

The Conference
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Our Theme This Year 

Exploring the New Decade Through Digital Solutions
and Social Action

As the new decade begins, the world today faces an unprecedented challenge. A global pandemic, climate crisis, and the weakening of democracy threatens to destabilize our society and damage its future. Rising inequalities continue to disadvantage the poor and this could not have been seen more clearly than a pandemic recovery that has forgotten most of the developing world.

But with the new decade comes new possibilities. The proliferation of technology has changed the way we have lived and has reformed the boundaries of community. Actions that were once impossible at the start of the century are now commonplace while innovative projects continue to be created everyday. As a representative of this new era, the youth possess the ability and responsibility to channel these technologies towards the common good. To create not only a better future for themselves but for everyone. 

As the 8th DLSMUN begins, it is time to look outwards and ask ourselves. What if?


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Panel Discussions


7th De La Salle Model United Nations Statistics

Home Organization

The De La Salle Model United Nations Community (MUNCOMM) is the premier Model United Nations organization in De La Salle University and home organization of the De La Salle Model United Nations. As one of the leading MUN organizations in the country, its delegates have won numerous awards at home and abroad.

Having recently won an honorable delegation award in New York Model United Nations, the organization now participates in social and international efforts through the creation of voting information drives, pandemic impact analyses, and the managing of international events.

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