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Asked Questions

  • What is Model United Nations (MUN)?
    Model United Nations or MUN is a simulation of the United Nations and its procedures utilizing concepts of international relations and diplomacy. Students take up the role of delegates and debate regarding global issues within their respective committees. A conference usually works towards the creation of a resolution paper which is a result of the ideas and diplomacy of student delegates. A mix of speeches, writing, and debate; it is a fullfilling and engaging academic activity that expand one's prowess and knowledge in global relations
  • Why is MUN important/useful?
    Model United Nations helps a delegate improve their understanding of international relations and globalization within multiple perspectives. It helps them become a better global citizen and find the connection between themseleves and the greater society. Furthermore, delegates develop a greater awareness of global events and improve their critical understanding towards finding creative solutions. By working with others, delegates build critical relationships and improve the soft skills needed in the future
  • Who are eligible to attend DLSMUN?
    Highschool and undergraduate students from any university in the Philippines or abroad are welcome to join the conference. However delegation applications may have a minimum delegate requirement for eligibility. Note: Graduate/Graduated students are not eligible to join the conference
  • Do I need MUN experience in order to join the conference?
    No experience is needed, only a willingness to learn. DLSMUN accepts all students to join the conference and will provide material and trainings in order to help them before the conference. However, delegates are expected to know the basics of MUN such as etiquette and its process during the conference in order to ensure a smoother event.
  • What if I have more questions?
    Please message us through our Facebook page at De La Salle Model United Nations or email us at for any further questions
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