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Our Defining Purpose: Uniting Young Leaders to Diplomacy through the Utilization of Service

The De La Salle Model United Nations (DLSMUN) stands as a prominent organization dedicated to empowering aspiring young leaders. Founded in 2014, DLSMUN serves as a gateway for students to delve into the intricacies of diplomacy and international relations. By tackling real-world issues that mirror the challenges addressed by the United Nations itself, DLSMUN fosters a platform for students to grapple with pressing economic, social, political, and cultural concerns. Since its inception, DLSMUN has demonstrably impacted the lives of over 400,000 student leaders through nine successful conferences, solidifying its position as a leading force in cultivating future global citizens.

Held annually within the heart of Manila, Philippines, the three-day DLSMUN conference offers a meticulously designed program brimming with enriching experiences. The program unfolds in a series of key events:

  • Opening Plenary: This grand ceremony officially welcomes delegates under the guidance of the esteemed Secretary-General and the Secretariat, marking the commencement of the conference.

  • Roundtable Discussion: To enrich the conference theme and provide valuable insights, DLSMUN invites distinguished speakers who offer their expertise on pertinent global issues, fostering a deeper understanding of the chosen topics.

  • Committee Sessions: The centerpiece of the DLSMUN experience, Committee Sessions provide a realistic simulation of United Nations proceedings. Presided over by the Board of Dais, these sessions place student delegates in the shoes of international representatives. Here, delegates hone critical diplomatic skills by upholding their assigned countries' foreign policies, engaging in thoughtful discussions, and strategically navigating negotiations and lobbying efforts within their respective committees.

  • Closing and Awarding Plenary: The conference culminates in a closing ceremony where the Secretariat acknowledges the outstanding achievements of top delegates from each committee, celebrating their exceptional contributions and diplomatic prowess.

Beyond the confines of the conference itself, DLSMUN's commitment extends to fostering a spirit of service within its delegates. The Committee Sessions serve as a training ground, equipping participants with invaluable real-life skills such as negotiation, lobbying, and effective communication. These essential tools empower future leaders to make a positive impact on their communities and the world at large.




A III-AB Behavioral Science Student, Joshua Cote entered the Model United Nations Circuit way back in 2019 during the 1st Xavier Model United Nations when he won Best Delegate for the United Nations Human Rights Council. He chaired multiple conferences here in the Philippines, notably four iterations of the Ateneo Model United Nations and two of the Xavier Model United Nations. In 2023, Joshua carried the De La Salle University flag during the Philippine International Model United Nations. He represented Morocco and won the inaugural Best Delegate Award in the International Court of Justice. 


Outside the Diplomatic Arena, he has served in different university and national organizations in hopes of advocating for his cause, such as the United Nations Development Goals and Upholding Accessible Education for All.




Currently a freshman in De La Salle University’s BS - Human Biology program, Nathaniel Arellano is a 4-year Philippine Model United Nations circuit veteran. Having first been introduced to Model UN through the 1st Southville International School Model United Nations, Nathaniel has since bagged numerous awards for the delegations he’s been a part of, ranging from Best Delegate of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Colegio San Agustin Model United Nations, Best Delegate of the General Assembly 6 in Southville Global Network Model United Nations, Best Speaker of the United Nations Human Rights Council in MUN Locals, and People’s Choice Awardee of the United Nations Security Council in the University of Santo Tomas Model United Nations. With his vast experience, he is equipped with the skills to delegate in various MUN formats and has used this capacity to train other students during his service.


Later in his MUN career, Nathaniel became part of the Animo Model United Nations’ Executive Board as the Secondary Parliamentarian and became the organization’s Secretary-General the year after. As his magnum opus, he assumed the role of the 2nd Ateneo-Lasalle Model United Nations Secretary-General.



A second-year double degree student at De La Salle University taking up AB International Studies major in European Studies and BS Applied Corporate Management, Theresa has actively participated in Model United Nations conferences for 6 years. She started her MUN journey in 2018 as part of the De La Salle Zobel MUN Club, even winning a Gawad Luntian - Lasallian Star Achievement Award as the Best Club Member for the academic year 2019-2020. She has been a delegate seven times locally and internationally, winning numerous Verbal Commendations, an Honorable Mention, and an Outstanding Delegation award. Her drive to constantly learn and improve led her to serve as a Member of the Board of Dais in 10 different conferences, including many Xavier Model United Nations conferences, the inaugural Archer Model United Nations conference, and the recently concluded Ateneo Model United Nations conference. 70% of her MUN experience was spent chairing advanced crisis committees.

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