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Model United Nations

7th De La Salle

Utilizing Multidisciplinary Mediums Towards Global Cooperation in the Post-Pandemic Society (2021)

The Conference

Two Days of Change
08-09 May 2021
8:30 PM -5:30 PM

The 7th De La Salle - Model United Nations (7th DLS-MUN), a conference which was held from May 8-9, 2021 in De La Salle University, is the flagship event of the 7th DLS-MUN Central Committee and the De La Salle - Model United Nations Community (MUNCOM). 


At the 7th DLS-MUN, delegates from various high schools and tertiary education institutions around the world participated in a series of panel discussions by leading figures in their respective industry, online social engagement events, and dais led trainings in the months leading to the main conference. Once in the event, delegates led the charge to creating diplomatic and innovative solutions towards solving the issues brought upon by the post-pandemic society.


Finishing its seventh year, DLS-MUN has equipped the conference participants with diplomatic skills, vision, and passion that they will need to make real change in society along with the hope for a better tomorrow that they will strive to create.

The Conference

Our Theme in 2021

Utilizing Multidisciplinary Mediums Towards Global Cooperation in the Post- Pandemic Society

The Covid-19 Pandemic has not only impacted the health of millions but has also created an unprecedented global crisis in multiple sectors across the planet. Faced with mounting crisis, the 6 committees of the 7th DLS-MUN are tasked with delivering the respective ideas from their sectors towards a true multidisciplinary. response. Delegates are asked to put aside differences and work together towards fashioning a greater and strong post pandemic society that values justice, peace, opportunity, and lasting change.

An unprecedented problem needs an unprecedented solution. The pandemic may have fractured society but it has also brought the world together in ways unseen before. Utilizing new technologies and policies, the youth of today can foster the world of tomorrow.






Panel Discussions


Background Guides

Formulated by the 7th DLSMUN Board of Dais

Background Guides


Passed by 7th DLSMUN Plenary


Proud to bring inspirational speakers
Countryside Road


The 7th De La Salle Model United Nations also included a total of 6 panel discussions, one delegate training, and two socials nights. 
Other Events
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